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Installation & Uninstallation

A basic prerequisite for the effective operation of the air conditioner is the placement and installation by experienced technicians, in order to avoid any failures that can lead to problems, such as poor performance, excessive energy consumption, or even the loss of the guarantee.

For proper installation of the air conditioner, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Installation point of internal unit: ideal at enough height so that the air in our space diffuses evenly(e.g.Allah. 1.8 or 2 meters from the floor), the direction of the air to keep us “ticking”, and the device is located as far as possible on the side of the window in a shady place and not from another source-a device that emits heat, so that reduces the loss of temperature.
  • Point placement of external unit: to a point with easy access for maintenance of the machine, a short distance from the indoor unit (no more than 15 meters) and the minimum free distances around the machine, so as to properly ventilate and the direction of the air may not be to nearby windows, patio doors etc.p.
  • The external unit should be mounted on a solid surface on shockproof tires to avoid coordination and vibration.
  • Piping: the installation positions of the units determine the route and length of the refrigerant piping, which ideally should be shorter than 8 metres, so as to not affect the performance of the air conditioner. Also, the technician who will make the installation will have to ensure the correct course, protection and insulation of the pipes.
  • Sewerage: sewerage pipes should be made of correct material, as appropriate and end up in drains, a balcony or floor siphon.
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