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Solar Water Heater

The Solar Water Heater is the most popular application for the production of hot water for use with the utilization of solar energy. The main reasons for the success of the solar water heater in the world market are its low cost, quick payback, easy installation and reliable operation.

The main parts of a solar water heater are the tank and the solar collector. The good performance of the system depends mainly on the Collector's technology that produces the thermal energy. The quality of the tank, where the temporary storage of the hot water usage, is also important, on the one hand, for the longevity of the system and on the other hand, for the maintenance of the hot water throughout the night.


Solar systems

Solar systems (forced flow systems) are the new application for the solar thermal energy of your house. The three main parts of a solar system are: solar collectors (flat or vacuum), the free-standing hot water storage tank (boiler) and a special device with the pump and the automatic central control system (solar station).
The most important advantages of the solar system can be summarised as follows:

  • Higher efficiency due to better transmission of solar thermal energy from the collector to the boiler thanks to the operation of the pump.
  •  Ensuring unlimited hot water 24 hours a day thanks to the smart operation of the solar station control system and the great storage capacity of the boiler.
  •  Discreet installation with good aesthetic sense that respects the architecture of the house, as our collectors <lie down> on the roof, or placed at a low height to the roof, while the tank is installed in the engine room.
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