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Natural Stone Radiator 

Natural Stone Radiator heating is an affordable, ecological, everyday way of heating for everyone. The technological development of infrared heating systems makes these systems ideal for every room. It offers uniform heating and high efficiency.

Compared to other heating systems, infrared heating systems are more efficient and much better for our health and our surroundings. Several different types of infrared heating system have been developed. They can be installed almost anywhere—on floors, walls and even on ceilings.

 In terms of cost and efficiency, infrared heating systems are a better alternative to other conventional heating systems.

Four reasons why infrared marble radiators are more cost-efficient:

1. Because infrared does not use the air as a medium, there is no loss of heat through convection. With conventional heating, heated air rises to the ceiling where it is of no use. In fact, Elith infrared marble radiators reach the same level of thermal comfort as conventional heating systems but at temperatures that are 2 to 3 degrees lower.

2. Elith radiators are powered by electricity, which—in combination with advanced infrared technology—is now cheaper than either oil or gas as a source of energy for heating your home.

3. The price of natural gas is linked to the price of oil and follows its upward course.

4. Elith infrared radiators transfer heat with virtually 100% efficiency because they heat objects directly, without heating the air and without losing heat through combustion.

5. The low purchase price combined with 30 to 40 years of reliable, maintenance-free service, make Elith products an investment for life.

Benefits of infrared heating:

  • Comparatively lower cost of purchasing the system.
  • Low power consumption-energy saving.
  • Natural heat transmission (infrared) - healthy climate of space.
  • Quick and easy mounting, easily carried.
  • No maintenance costs, no wear and tear.
  • No dust shall rise during operation.
  • It does not pollute the environment by burning oil.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Reduces the risk of mold developing the walls of moisture.
  • Excellent design-unique decorative elements.
  • No expenses are paid in advance - no capital is committed.
  • Easy cost calculation.
  • Certified security-German VDE security certificate.
  • 10 years warranty.


Elith's radiators are natural products. The samples indicate the color and design of the surface of the rock as it is usually found in nature. Any resources, cracks, veins and ambiguities in the design of the mirror-polished surface, it is natural discontinuities of the rock, that does not make it defective and do not affect the function and performance of the radiator.

Infrared heating vs conventional heating:

Unlike conventional heating systems designed to warm the air in the room, the infrared heating radiate long waves of heat that warms the objects in the space (walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, etc.). Thus we save energy by 18%, because the space needs to be 3 ℃ temperature less in order to offer a comfortable and pleasant warmth in man.

Conventional heating systems such as central heating, air heaters, aircondition, create heat by constantly heating the air and forcing it to move round the space.

Result: suspended powders and various germs that can cause allergies, shortness of breath or other diseases of the respiratory system.

The hot air is rising upwards.

Result: the normal distribution of heat in space is disrupted. Feet stay cold and head warm.

Infrared heating does not cause a circular motion of the heated air.

Result: keeps an environment healthy, free of suspended particles, and evenly warm, therefore friendly, for humans.

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