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DAIKIN stylish
Innovation meets creativity

Product characteristics

  • An elegant and functional design suitable for all interiors with elegant finish in blackwood finish
  •  Selecting an R-32 product reduces environmental effects by 68% compared to R-410A and achieves lower power consumption thanks to high energy efficiency
  •  The external units are equipped with a spiral compressor distinguished for its low noise level and high energy efficiency.
  •  The Coanda effect optimizes air flow for a comfortable climate. Using specially designed fins a more focused airflow allows better temperature distribution throughout the room
  •  External units with pair connection capability
  •  The smart thermal sensor determines the current room temperature and distributes air evenly throughout the room before switching to a form of airflow that directs hot or cold air to areas that need it
  •  Almost silent: the unit works so quietly that you will almost forget that it exists.
  •  Seasonal efficiency prices up to a+++ in cooling and heating thanks to the updated technology and the built-in smart Center.
  •  Effective air purification improves indoor air quality with Daikin's flash Streamer technology
  •  Online controller: control your internal drive from any location with an application, via your local network or the internet


benefit 80993457
Three-dimensional air flow
Combines vertical and horizontal auto swing so releasing a stream of cool or warm air right to the corners of even large spaces
benefit 367D35BA
Automatic fan speed adjustment
Automatically selects the required fan speed to achieve or maintain the temperature
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Fan speed adjustment gradients
Allows selection of different fan speeds
benefit 3A871ABE
Night programme
Saves energy by preventing excessive cooling or heating during the night
benefit 7B71DDB4
Automatic horizontal movement of the fins
Ability to select automatic horizontal movement of the air outlet fins, for uniform air and temperature distribution.Ability to select automatic horizontal movement of the air outlet fins, for uniform air and temperature distributio
benefit 00647327
Silent operation of internal unit
The "silent" button on the remote control reduces the internal unit's operating sound level by 3db (a)
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Techincal Information


Btu Capacity 9000 12000 14000 18000
Cooling Capacity L/M/H (kw) 1.30/2.5/3.2 1.30/3.40/4.0 1.70/4.20/5.0 1.7/5.0/5.3
Heating Capacity L/M/H (kw) 1.30/2.80/4.70 1.40/4.00/5.20 1.70/5.40/6.00 1.70/5.80/6.50
Cooling Energy Class A+++ A+++ A++ A++
SEER 8.74 8.73 7.50 7.33
Annual cooling energy consumption (kw) 101 137 196 239
SCOP 5.15/6.26 5.15/6.28 4.60/5.93 4.60/5.84
Heating energy class A+++/A+++ A+++/A+++ A++/A+++ A++/A+++
Dimensions Indoor unit HxWxD (mm) 295x798x189 295x798x189 295x798x189 295x798x189
Net Weight Indoor Unit (kg) 12 12 12 12
Sound Power Level Indoor Unit Cooling (dBA) 57 60 60 60
Sound Power level indoor Unit Heating (dBA) 57 60 60 60
Sound Pressure Level Cooling H/M/L (dBA) 40/25/19 41/25/19 45/29/21 46/31/24
Sound Pressure Level Heaiting H/M/L (dBA) 40/25/19 41/25/19 45/29/21 46/31/24


Sound Power Level Outdoor Unit Cooling (dBA) 59 61 62 62
Sound Power level Outdoor Unit Heating (dBA) 59 61 62 62
Sound Pressure Level Cooling H/M/L (dBA) 46 49 48 48
Sound Pressure Level Heaiting H/M/L (dBA) 47 48 48 48
Operation range Cooling L/M (oCBD) -10~46 -10~46 -10~46 -10~46
Operation range  Heating L/M (oCBD) -15~18 -15~18 -15~18 -15~18
Refrigerant R-32 R-32 R-32 R-32
Dimensions Outdoor unit HxWxD (mm) 550x765x285 550x765x285 734x870x373 734x870x373
Net Weight Outdoor Unit (kg) 32 32 50 50


Inverter Yes
Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dehumidification Yes Yes Yes Yes
Color Blackwood Blackwood Blackwood Blackwood
Warranty 3 years
3 years 3 years 3 years


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Innovation meets creativity
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