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DAIKIN fully flat cassette

Unique design in the market fully integrated levels inside the roof

Product characteristics

  • Selecting an R-32 product reduces environmental effects by 68% compared to R-410A and achieves lower power consumption thanks to high energy efficiency
  • Fully flat integration into ordinary architectural slabs of suspended ceiling, leaving only 8mm
  • Remarkable blend of virtual design and mechanical perfection with an elegant finish in white or in combination of silver and white
  • The external units are equipped with a spiral compressor distinguished for its low noise level and high energy efficiency.
  •  External units with pair connection capability
  • Through a combination of technology R-32 Bluevolution reduce the environmental effects by 68% compared to R-410A, achieved lower power consumption thanks to high energy efficiency and low load coolant up to 16%
  •  Two optional smart sensors improve energy efficiency and comfort.
  •  Independent fin control: flexibility that fits any room layout without changing the location of the unit!
  •  Daikin's exterior units are elegant, robust and can be easily placed on the roof, terrace or exterior wall.
  •  Single internal unit series for R-32 and R-410A
  •  Fin heat exchanger External with corrosion protection
  •  Reduced energy consumption thanks to specially crafted small tube heat exchanger, DC fan motor and condensate pump
  •  Optional fresh air inlet
  •  The branching output allows optimisation of air distribution in irregular spaces or to provide air to small adjacent rooms
  •  The standard condensate pump with 630mm Lift increases the flexibility and speed of installation


benefit 01B3B0CE
Independent fin control
Independent control of the flap via the wired remote control allows you to set easily the position of each flap individually, to each new configuration of room. Optional closing kits are also available
benefit 169C1CAA
Prevent the generation of air currents
When the unit begins to heat or when the thermostat is turned off, the direction of output air is adjusted horizontally and the fan to low speed, preventing the creation of a stream. After preheating, the air flow direction and fan speed can be adjusted as desired
benefit DFC44E9E
Ability to connect two / three / four units
2,3 or 4 internal bands can be connected to a single external unit even if they have different performance. All internal units operate in the same cooling or heating program from the same remote control
benefit 53083D7B
Inverter compressors continuously adapt the speed of the compressor to the actual requirements. Fewer energy-consuming starts and stops result in reduced energy consumption (up to 30%) and more stable temperatures.
benefit B0040E77
Infrastructure cooling
Removal of the continuous δημιουργίούμενης heat from the information technology equipment and servers in a reliable, efficient and flexible manner, to ensure maximum time smooth operation with simultaneous high-performance in the rate of investment
benefit 89067956
Fan speed adjustment gradients
Allows selection of different fan speeds
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DAIKIN fully flat cassette overlay - DAIKIN fully flat cassette
Unique design in the market fully integrated levels inside the roof
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