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DAIKIN ALTHERMA low temperature ISU
Air - water floor heat pump for heating, cooling and hot water with thermal solar support

Product characteristics

  • Built-in solar module that offers exceptional comfort in heating, hot water and cooling
  • Swing compressor controlled by Inverter
  • Maximum use of renewable energy sources: technology is Used heat pump for heating and supporting of a solar system for heating of spaces and hot water production
  • Principle of clean water: hygienic water without need for thermal disinfection for legionella
  • Container not requiring maintenance: without corrosion, anode, deposit of puris or salts and without loss of water from the safety valve
  • Support solar system for hot water use with solar system without pressure installation (drainage)
  • Smart storage management heat: Continuous heating during the defrost time, and use the stored heat for space heating
  • The heating loss is reduced to a minimum thanks to high quality insulation
  • Application control for heating, hot water and cooling operation
  • The oudoor unit extracts heat from the outer air, even at -25 ° C


benefit 5E6166A1
Guaranteed temperature operation up to -25oC
Daikin units are suitable for all climates, withstand even in harsh winter conditions with an operating range up to -25oC
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Inverter compressors continuously adapt the speed of the compressor to the actual requirements. Fewer energy-consuming starts and stops result in reduced energy consumption (up to 30%) and more stable temperatures.
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Pure hot water
The structure of thermal storage ensures optimal water hygiene and eliminates the risk of bacteria and Legionella. Be sure that your hot water is clean and safe
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Ready for connection with solar energy systems
Take advantage of solar energy. Easily connect the hot water storage tank to solar panels on your roof
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Αντλία θερμότητας δαπέδου αέρα - νερού για θέρμανση, ψύξη και ζεστό νερό με θερμική ηλιακή υποστήριξη
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