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DAIKIN emura

The design at its best, providing superior performance and comfort

Product characteristics

  • Remarkable blend of virtual design and mechanical perfection with an elegant finish in Silver color
  •     Silver allergen removal filter and air purification: retain allergens such as pollen and mites.
  •     The external units are equipped with a spiral compressor distinguished for its low noise level and high energy efficiency.
  •     Online controller: control your internal drive from any location with an application, via your local network or the internet
  •     External units with pair connection capability
  •     Selecting an R-32 product reduces environmental effects by 68% compared to R-410A and achieves lower power consumption thanks to high energy efficiency
  •     Seasonal efficiency prices up to a+++ in cooling and heating thanks to the updated technology and the built-in smart Center.
  •     Daikin Emura has been awarded many times, thanks to its perfect design
  •     Daikin's exterior units are elegant, robust and can be easily placed on the roof, terrace or exterior wall.
  •     Silent mode: the operation of the unit is hardly audible. The sound pressure level reaches 19dBA !
  •     Fin heat exchanger External with corrosion protection
  • Sensor motion detection 2 areas: the air supply is sent to a zone other than that the person is at that moment? If you do not identify individuals, the unit returns automatically to the position of energy-efficient operation.
  •     The 3D air supply combines vertical and horizontal automatic movement of the fins thus circulating a stream of hot or cool air right at the corners of even large spaces.


benefit 89067956
Fan speed adjustment gradients
Allows selection of different fan speeds
benefit 249F9D60
Infrared remote control
Starts, stops and controls the air conditioner remotely
benefit E0DAD6F6
2 area motion detection sensor
The air supply shall be sent to a zone other than that of the person at the time. If there are no people, the unit automatically returns to an energy-efficient location
benefit 00647327
Silent operation of internal unit
The "silent" button on the remote control reduces the internal unit's operating sound level by 3db (a)
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Fan only
The unit can be used as a fan, providing air without heating or cooling
benefit 719D846C
Online controller through application
Control your internal drive from any location via application
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Techincal Information


Btu Capacity 9000 12000 18000
Cooling Capacity L/M/H (kw) 0.90/2.40/3.30 0.90/3.5/4.10 1.40/4.80/5.50
Heating Capacity L/M/H (kw) 0.90/3.20/4.70 0.90/4.00/5.10 1.10/5.80/7.00
Cooling Energy Class A+++ A++ A++
SEER 8.64 7.19 7.02
Annual cooling energy consumption (kw) 97 170 239
SCOP 4.60/5.21 4.60/5.32 4.28/5.77
Heating energy class A++/A+++ A++/A+++ A+/A+++
Dimensions Indoor unit HxWxD (mm) 303x998x212 303x998x212 303x998x212
Net Weight Indoor Unit (kg) 12 12 12
Sound Power Level Indoor Unit Cooling (dBA) 54 59 60
Sound Power level indoor Unit Heating (dBA) 56 59 60
Sound Pressure Level Cooling H/M/L (dBA) 38/32/25/19 45/34/26/20 46/40/35/32
Sound Pressure Level Heaiting H/M/L (dBA) 41/34/28/19 45/37/29/20 47/41/35/32


Model RXJ25M RXJ35M RXJ50M
Sound Power Level Outdoor Unit Cooling (dBA) 61 63 63
Sound Power level Outdoor Unit Heating (dBA) 62 63 63
Sound Pressure Level Cooling H/M/L (dBA) 46 48 48
Sound Pressure Level Heaiting H/M/L (dBA) 43 45 45
Operation range Cooling L/M (oCBD) 10~46 10~46 10~46
Operation range  Heating L/M (oCBD) -15~18 -15~18 -15~18
Refrigerant R-32 R-32 R-32
Dimensions Outdoor unit HxWxD (mm) 550x765x285 550x765x285 734x870x373
Net Weight Outdoor Unit (kg) 34 34 50


Inverter Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Yes
Yes Yes
Dehumidification Yes Yes Yes
Color Silver Silver Silver
Warranty 3 years
3 years 3 years
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DAIKIN emura overlay - DAIKIN emura
The design at its best, providing superior performance and comfort

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